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Learn how to digitally paint like this from my tutorial

Learn how to digitally paint like this from my tutorial

What Harts Ortiz says about me

LINK <======From Harts Ortiz: “I mean i should be flattered that this man is sooo obsessed with me that he constantly brings me up. Its beautiful actually. He never gives up And never moves fwd. about two years of this mans obsessions lmao but normally i dont give him the time of day. And thanks for the new follows i love that u are linking to my instagram. Its awesome. When the new webpage is up ill post every email he has ever sent me with my responses for u all to read. Its seriously comedy. Ill make a new section called “what thomas said now.” What fucking sad joke you are. Who bothered to spawn you? What a waste of sperm. #stalker #crazypeople #obsessed#hasnothingtodoinlifebutbitch #thomaschurchwell#whatajoke #sadlittleman #olddude#taccreativeteam #letsalllaughtogether#whatawasteoflife #oldman anyway im to busy for this mans #bs thanks for telling me guys but its no biggie no one but a select few people take him seriously. Thanks again.”

Now here are the facts. The man is a con man and has a long record proving he is from former friends, co-workers, wife, and models he has shot. For 10 years he has been preaching how good he is and for ten years he has never made it beyond his hustle. he still is hustling. He doesn’t shoot anyone important. He says he has but never show any images or proof. Now don’t you think if you are going to tell people you are all that that you need to show proof? He shoots with people who just believe his word.

He goes out in the street and tells everyone he is fame. He goes around his neighborhood shooting people in the street and offers them free shoots. When he does get the chance of shooting someone who has pride they never show his images yet he shows them and banks on them. He also never gets to shoot these people twice cause his images are crap. Not total crap but not up to the expectation of his lies. If you tell someone you shoot for Maxim magazine you have to shoot better than people with a Iphone. You have to shoot magazine quality images. Look at his images. They are not magazine. He prides himself on websites that will give his one of the top 10 images he entered in. But who are these websites? If he told the general public, “I got picture of the day on Blue Thumbs website” they say, “Who is that?”

If you tell people you work for Elle magazine then your images has to show you have that skill both in the shoot and retouch and nothing he has retouched has that quality. None. Because he says it, naive people believe it without researching him and he knows it. he knows the words, “I can’t show those images because of contracts.” Which is bullshit because you can tell by ho he shoots now. Of course he spray and prays. Both with people and photography. Out of 100 frames he prays just one will be good enough. He hits 100 people on the street hoping just one will purchase a shoot.

His own wife on her blogs apologizes to everyone he cons and apologizes that she was a part of it. Now come on if your own wife is out there apologizing to everyone then this man is not a good man and she has had the blog up for years and won’t change a word of it or take it down.

He has a few flaking models that just adore him. I can understand that. He says I have a selected few but in the contrary if he had as many clients and quality clients I have he wouldn’t need to lie about himself. 

Of course he has that tart Jennifer Morga that he manipulated into making two stupid videos claiming I did things but funny how that went. No one believed her because you could see right through it. She claiming she got totally nude at my studio to take head shots. And then in the second one thanked all her new fans. Exactly, it was a Harts Ortiz con to get some negativity against my business up on the google search and two years later it reached about 1000 views, mostly them looking at it to see comments, which wasn’t supportive of her and she is still scarping to get shoots of caliber while I still shoot celebrities with more being booked each week. Funny how she says in her videos on how she doesn’t like shooting nudes and never wood but yet her tumblr is filled with full nudity. Again it was a hart bass con.

He calls me a loser yet those I associate with are top of their game. Oh Sure Harts Ortiz can say he shoots this erson and that person with no actual proof and idiots will believe him but you can check out my sites any day and see I have more than a “selective few.” and they are all on top.

Sure he shoots more people than me and for many reason and that is photography isn’t the only thing I do. I am praised by the big guy for my artistic skills with Photoshop and Digital paintings. I spend more time with the arts then with shooting. I also am a entertainer and I spend a lot of time in the entertainment world helping people, teaching people and helping people get to the next level. I have many many books written about me or include me in these best sellers. Award winning plays where I am a character. Trade books where my thoughts and skills are published.

I spend a lot of time during the week painting traditionally, teaching art and photography and photoshop and I am surrounded by the big guys in those fields. I do not have much time to shoot to go out and shoot people on the streets hoping one person will purchase a shoot. He has this time. He gets his SSI and SSD benefits which helps him pay the rent so he can afford to walk the streets and shoot for free.

So while he can call me a loser you just have to stack those up with the rest of his lies.

His best lie is he is a graduate of the Kathrine Gibb school. Really?? You would think he would have better clients and surely better images.

Drops Mic…..

How did I paint this? Tenacity!! 

How did I paint this? Tenacity!! 

Harts Ortiz

cannot wait to see your new website. Make sure to post every email and response honestly. Every email and the links to the websites from your family who call you a con artist and how much they are ashamed of you and and from models you sent pictures of yourself jerking off too plus the post from people who know you back in the Radio Shack days when you got arrested for fraud. Also could you post the supposed video of you shooting “Emenem” that you tell everyone you did but told me you did not. Also on your website could you post links to pages that show you actually do work for Elle, Maxim, and The New York Times as you claim everywhere? Like: “Harts Ortiz 

"Photographer. Artist. Dream Builder." 

Since picking up his first professional camera, Harts Ortiz has become a photographer for the New York Times and popular magazines such as Elle and Maxim. He has worked with multiple celebrity clients including rapper Eminem, pop-star Avril Lavigne and Hot-97 DJ Funk Flex. His work, however, is not limited to the famous but rather he brings the modeling experience to clients from all walks of life. 

An artist of many mediums, Harts has been producing new, different and emotionally instilled images since childhood. Each creation has a touch of the world of New York hip-hop which Harts has been acquainted with all his life. He graduated top-of-his-class at Katherine Gibbs College where he developed his skills of both graphic design and photography. The innovations that arise from combining these artistic backgrounds has led to Harts’s images being unlike any other. 

As founder and C.E.O. of HartBass, Harts seeks to bridge artistic worlds and create memorable experiences for all clients. Every photo-shoot is hands-on and personally 
directed by Harts himself. He provides professional quality photos and photo-designs to his non-professional models. Harts’ aim is to make each client experience the sensation of being a star. These personal touches make an experience with HartBass unique and the photos that result timeless pieces of beauty. 

With Harts Ortiz, you can guarantee to have some “Hart” put into each and every photo-shoot. 

Email him: Harts830@gmail.com


I bet you won’t because you can’t.

I am not obsessed with you. Just pointing out a con artist and like a good citizen I am warning people about you.